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Always under construction - Last updated: 3/9/2009

Welcome to our webpage. This site is a place to see some of our latest pictures and what is going on in our family (hopefully very nonobtrusive).

You can also see our family tree. We are of Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and German ancestry. Rege the first two and Kathy all but Polish (too bad). Maybe a few nationalities we don't know about yet. You can visit some of the towns our families lived in years ago and maybe see some recent pictures from family visits there.

This is a web based family tree. Each person, from our Great-great-greatgrandparents to our distant living cousins, has a separate page. It's a little harder to see all the relationships (there are several hundred pages) but this method leaves room for a little history, information and pictures for each family that the typical list of names doesn't allow. You can enter the trees from My Page , click one of the names in the Surname List, or Search for family members by specific criteria. From there click on a parent to go back in time or a child to go forward.

If you are in the tree please correct any errors (I cannot type or spell) and send me any pictures or information you would like to pass on, maybe to a great grandchild sometime. Names, spouses, dates, jobs, locations, education, email and webpage addresses, etc. Send to

I also have some family historical data, traditions and census records.

We hope you find something of interest!

Rege Shogan

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