Andrew was born in Duryea PA on 14 August 1898. He returned to Europe for a few years, then eventaully settled on a farm with his parents in Acme PA. He had three years of formal education. At the time of his draft registration in September of 1918 he was working as a miner in Yukon PA. Probably at the Magee Mine. Tradation says he wasn't too thrilled with mining and quickly went to butchering school (after one day in the coal mines-probably an exaduration). The day after their wedding Andy and Regina opened a grocery store in Yukon. They next had a store in Rankin, PA which burned down in May 1923. Andy had been robbed, tied up and locked in a freezer but excaped before the fire destroyed his and several other stores. He had several other stores before working for A&P as a butcher. They built the family home at 1619 Cedar Ave. in Turtle Creek in 1929. About 1950 they bought Shogan's Market on Maple St. in Turtle Creek, PA which was operated until about 1968.

Full Name:
  Andrew   SHOGAN
Birth Date:
  August  14  1898
Birth Place:
  Duryea, PA  USA
  January  9  1976
Married On:
  August  1920
Last Known Address:
  Turtle Creek PA USA